Extremely short fiction by Lucian Janik

Lunch with the Dentist

Research for my biography of film director M. Rudolf LeRoux continues. I am in the Cafe Coude with Dr Charles Leduc, retired dentist.

"M. Rudolf LeRoux was a patient of yours?"

"Yes," Dr. Leduc answers. He pours himself a glass of burgundy.

"What can you tell me about him?"

"Smoker. Never flossed."

"In his film, Emerald Peacock, there is a dentist who is secretly a Soviet spy. Do you think you were an inspiration for this character?"

"I've never seen his films. I am not a big fan of motion pictures. I prefer comic books."

"What are your favorite comic books?"

"The Green Lantern."


"I also like Archie."

"Do you have any memories of LeRoux that you want to share?"

"He blamed his cavities on his love of salt water taffy."

Shirley the Silly Squirrel