Extremely short fiction by Lucian Janik

Missing Lemons

"I am not sure where they are," Wanda said as she poured the batter into the waffle iron.

"How could you misplace 73 lemons?" Ned asked.  Ned was angry but was also distracted by an object that somehow found its way between his skin and the denim of his skinny jeans.  The object was on the back of his left leg, about three inches above his knee.

"I remember carrying them into the kitchen.  They must be around here somewhere."

Ned squirmed.

"I checked in the refrigerator and the pantry."

"I'll be right back," Ned said and darted into the bathroom.

Ned peeled off his pants and dislodged the object.  It was a Lego figure, Darth Maul.  Ned shook his head and placed the toy on the sink.

After struggling with his jeans, Ned noticed that the shower curtain was closed.  On a hunch, he pulled back the curtain.  The bathtub was filled with Lucky Charms.

"Waffles are ready!"